Patriotwaves is an emergency radio site dedicated to the principles of the constitutional right to know, independent of any common or statutory law. including government, law enforcement and foreign and domestic military matters that are absolute under the first amendment of the untied states constitution.

The Persons and citizens right to information and the exercise of inalienable rights cannot be altered by authoritarian abuse or self interests by individuals, corporations or government. Under the constitution, the people have have the right to assume authority over the government corporation and certain control over the information in limited capacity. The government has equally certain authority over the people to exercise such control.

When this balance of power becomes subject to corruption and excesses outside the framework of laws, the responsibility is then relegated to the people to reign in such abuses of power. The founding fathers knew that men and governments are susceptible to abuse such control. Secrecy is one of many abuses. Absolute power could therefore not be entrusted to any one entity, person or branch. The framers guaranteed the balance of power to rest in the hands of the people and these powers to be executed, legislated and interpreted by three branches of government but clearly focused on the people's right to self govern each of these branches.

What we see at this time in our history is the certain abuse of power by all three branches of government.  We have read the headlines of corruption, cronyism and secrecy, in a merging of powers that violates the separation ideals set forth in the constitution.  It is there that the people are mandated to regulate and exercise their power to investigate, make corrections and unmake those unconstitutional alliances that have altered this balance of power. No more important is the right to exercise authority over the government and be free of excessive power of the executive to include law enforcement, the excessive use of force, illegal search and seizure, warrantless spying, asset forfeiture and due process.  The Posse Comitatus Act as well is imperative to a self governing republic and shall not be usurped by a power independent of the branches of government, by executive action without an Act of Congress or the expressed  executive authority regarding insurrection. 

Patriotwaves is the exercise of all aspects of legal and rights to know and the exercise of the bill of rights, constitutional  oversight of our elected officials and unalienable rights to life, liberty and property. Executive privilege, national security and federal information withheld under Freedom Of Information Act are replacing the peoples right to know and thusly altering the balance of power and compromising the constitutional congressional duty of checks and balances.  It is therefore incumbent upon the people to exercise their power to regulate, govern and force this rebalance through legal action and sovereign rights provided under law and the will of the people to execute these inherent powers to make corrections and unmake unconstitutional government.

Abuses by Law enforcement, domestic military exercises, executive orders and lack of transparency has created a deficit of confidence in our government not seen at any time in history.  Patriotwaves is focused on exercising  the Right to Know and monitoring any and all aspects of radio communication nationwide and promoting a non-partisan well-regulated militia of information collectors and freedom loving Americans who feel the duty to insure the balance of power and the right to self govern our republic remains in the hands of its citizens.