Software Defined Radio

PATRIOTWAVES JH-15. This model has been reconfigured and provides two radio receivers in one unit. It utilizes two different radio chipsets configurations. The two configurations use the R820T and improved Rafael Micro R820T2 chipsets.  The two RTL Realtek RTL2832U circuits offer superb performance in the emergency frequency ranges. 25MHz to approximately 1700MHz.  This unit is designed for use on Windows XP, Vista, Win7 or Win8 and includes phone support and online assistance.

The main focus of your needs for Police, Fire, Military and Emergency Frequencies will come via this frequency range spectrum.  It can receive FM and other analog transmissions but also a variety of digital speech codex such as P25 phase 1, DMR/MOTOTRBO, Provoice, NXDN, and X2-TDMA. These are the most common digital systems used by the government emergency, law enforcement and military communications.  The Free software programs available can work in AM, FM, LSB, USB, CW, ECSS and DRM modes.  This offers you the ability to add a simple inexpensive upconverter and receive additional lower band shortwave transmissions.

The JH-15 is named for the JADE HELM-15 Military exercises being conducted across 10 states during the weeks of July 15, 2015 through September 15, 2015. This eight week program will coordinate military, local law enforcement and emergency services in a mysterious program which purpose has not yet been truly defined. Since 911 FEMA has made an effort to consolidate and unify emergency services to a shared service known as Project 25.  The JH-15 offers two radios in one unit designed for monitoring and allowing the other to be used to hunt and find additional frequencies. While one unit is scanning found frequencies and transmissions, you are able to run another program on the same computer or laptop if it has the processing speed and minimum attributes. I have had 6 radios running on two computers.



1. Get phone and online support to get your Windows based system set up for using the JH-15

2. It is enclosed in brushed aluminum casing which acts as a heat sink to protect circuits and LED RED/BLUE designation for radio configuration.

3. It has USB gold plated cable extenders where laptops and desktops would not be able to support two direct  radio connections due to the proximity of USB ports.

4 It comes with two antennas, the fixed 6 inch black for the UHF and the retractable telescoping antenna for VHF and lower band receiving. It also allows for adapters to connect to your outdoor or extended shortwave antennas or upconverter.

5. Rugged construction

6. One year limited warranty repair/replace, provided you use it in the manner it was designed for and damage is not a result of lightening, EMP or excessive antenna signal booster schemes.

You can see it on Youtube video by searching "PATRIOTWAVES JH-15 JADE HELM SDR RADIO"

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