Customers and clients are provided with free phone support for purchases of any of the radio products.  Please follow the instructions received with your purchase and if you have any problems contact support at the information provided below. For questions and support, please use the message box.

Phone: (888) 357-1254  ext 804
Fax: (888) 357-1253
email: su[email protected]
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Frequency ranges- 25 MHz to approximately 1750 MHz.  

Patriotwaves SDR radios designed for use on OSX, Linux, Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10
and many Android.based Tablets and Phones. 

Get phone and online support to get your Windows computer set up for using the any Patriotwaves Software Defined Radio. All products tested before shipping. Great for use with DSDPlus, SDR Sharp, HDSDR and Unitrunker software.
One year limited warranty repair/replace, provided you use it in the manner it was designed for and damage is not a result of lightening, EMP or excessive antenna signal booster schemes. The warranty does not cover burnouts due to improper use or modification. It does not cover LED failure.