The PATRIOTWAVES JH-15 is a Software defined dual radio operating on the Realtek 2832U high-performance DVB-T COFDM demodulator. The unit contains two radios. One has the T820T chipset while the other has the updated R820T2 chipset. Both radios can operate on one computer with 2.4GHz processor. Dual Core is a particular advantage for operating both radios on one desktop or laptop. The minimum requirements is 1 GHz of RAM. 

The unit provides a strong and well made brushed silver aluminum case which provides protection as well as ESD protection against static charge.  The LEDs indicate the chipset with the blue led as the R820T2 chipset.  The unit runs well on HDSDR and SDR Sharp and the software is easy to install on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Linux based systems.

Now you can decode Police, Fire, EMT, Military and Governmental frequencies and decode the digital  broadcasts that required equipment that used to cost hundreds of dollars. Current dedicated scanners run from $400 to several thousand dollars. The benefits of SDR radio are huge.

*  Low Cost
*  Versatile free software
*  New features and capabilities can be added by software updates without requiring major new equipment purchases.
*  Ability to afford two or three sets to insure emergency availability
*  Runs off computer power at 5V ( less power consumption / no batteries)
*  One year warranty just like the expensive digital scanners
*  Enhanced Graphics interface with spectrum analyzer and waterfall displays
*  Phone and technical support for customers of Patriotwaves

The video above starts with the sound of a digital transmission received in analog mode. Digital Speech decoder takes the data and decodes it back to analog audio and runs it through your computer soundcard  providing superb sound . 

Listen to the video and see the JH-15 dual SDR radio perform using HDSDR GUI interface and DSD Plus digital speech decoder. Both these software products are open source and free to install for your SDR radio experience.

Once you decide to purchase a Patriotwave JH-15, we will provide all the support and simple instructions to get scanning and listening to all the traffic in your area.  This is the best priced dual SDR on the market and comes with 14 day return policy. Check out the store for details and pricing.

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