Setting up your Patriotwaves SDR Radio

RTL2832.DLL Dynamic Link Library

Install HDSDR and DSDPlus on Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10
In order to use you radio in ANALOG and DIGITAL Mode, you will  need to download the following software from these locations.  It is best you put them all into a separate download folder as not to have to search for these after you download in what may be a crowded download file you may already have.

HDSDR - Graphical Interface Radio Program

Download the program here
(Use the stable Version 2.76 (February 02, 2017))

When you execute the install make sure you put into PROGRAM FILES (x86) 32 bit folder if you have a 64 Bit Machine. If not put into PROGRAM FILES FOLDER.

If you are not sure if you have 64 bit technology, look in your C: Drive and see if you have two Program File Folders. One will say (x86)

Install the program and make a shortcut to your desktop.

This program can be opened multiple times. You will start one for each radio in your device. You will size the program screen to accommodate  two or more screens.

Download the Driver Program ZADIG. You will find it here.  Please note IMPORTANT. Theversion is for Windows 7 and later. If you have an XP or VISTA OS you will need to go to older versions and use the 2.2 earlier version.

Once downloaded copy it to the same folder where you HDSDR program is. Paste in in the folder and make a shortcut to your desktop.


You will run this program to install the WINUSB driver for each RTL device.  Open the OPTIONS tab and chose "List a;; devices" In the drop box you will find your plugged in RTL devices listed as RTL2838UHIDIR or as BULK IN INTERFACES 0 and 1.  

You will need to select each of these devices and install the WINUSB selection and install the driver. If you get a failed install on the first attempt, just reboot your computer and it should do an update and then you can continue to complete the process for the other RTL devices.


Download the dynamic link library file  located here.
Put this .dll file also into your HDSDR program folder.


Download the DSDPlus Digital Decoder program here. Download both the DSDPlus v1.101 and DSDPlus v1.101 DLL Files and unpack both files to one, two or three separate folders depending on the number of radios you have in you rig.

You need to create DSDPlus Folders under your C; Drive and unzip both files and their contents into one, two or three folders and call them DSD+1, DSD+2 and DSD+3


Virtual Cables (software - VB Cable) 

You will need to download 1, 2 or 3 cables from the website


Download Cable C for single radio. It is on the left side above the orange cable picture

Download Cable A & B for Dual or multiple Radio rigs. (optional)

Donationware. Consider purchasing additional cables via donation to enable multiple digital band monitoring as they will allow you to hear channels transmitting  simultaneously without voice cancellation.

Just like DSDPlus these are ZIP Files and you need to create VBCable files under your C: Drive. Example VBCableC, VBCableB and VBCableA.

Extract the Cables into their folders and install them. Please note there is a SETUP and a SETUP64 bit. Choose the correct one. IMPORTANT - When installing the Virtual cables make sure you ARE THE ADMINISTRATOR of your computer. If not run "as administrator" when installing the cables.

Once installed you should reboot your computer. If you have a single radio, you are ready to go to operation instruction here.

Make a shortcut to your desktop for the DSDPlus application (exe file)


You have two or three versions of DSDPlus and Three VB Cables. If you wish to follow digital channels on each version of DSDPlus then you need to have each running on it's own cable.


DSD+1 - VBCable A
DSD+2 - VBCable B
DSD+3 - VBCable C (it shows as VB without the "C")

Go to the operation instruction here and  see how to setup your sound setting for DSD Digital Speech Decoder.


So you need to start two  or more instances of HDSDR and you need to start DSD+1,2 and 3 and when you start them you want them to automatically use specific cables. This can be easily done by using a batch file. 


You saw on the operation information how to set your sound setting defaults. When you open any DSDPlus.exe it will automatically open the default setting 


input device - default VB Cable 
output device - default - Speakers, Soundcard or Headphones

When you start the DSD+ program the screen will give you all your recording devices and all you Playback devices followed by  the two default selections from that list.

This is fine when opening one DSD+ decoder. But when you open #2 and/ or #3, you do not want the same cable but instead VBcable A or B.


Go to the DSD+1 and make shortcut to desktop. Run the program and make a list of the input/output devices which DSD+ numbers. Your recording cables may be #''s 1,3 and 4 for example with #1 being your default for DSD+1. That's fine.

Go to DSD+2 folder and create a new text file. When notepad opens you type the following

start DSDPlus.exe -i3 -o2

You have instructed DSD+2 to open the file using VBcable A or B instead of the default DSD+1 cable. This is indicated by the number placed after the "i" for input. The output number is always your sound default which is probably
Playback output device 1 but if it is another number like -o2.

Now you need to save this into the DSD+2 folder. Name it DSD+2.bat and save as "all files" and NOT Text file. Then make a shortcut to your desktop.
Do the same procedure for DSD+3 and if you have a fourth or more you will have to duplicate one of the 3 VB cables.

The benefit is that if you are running multiple radios and there are simultaneous transmissions coming in, the  decoders and sound will not cancel each other out with silence.

Please contact us for help troubleshooting should you run into trouble with any of these instructions


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