Surviving Jade Helm
Jade Helm 15 is not so much a conspiracy theory as much as an ongoing and growing reality of an ever increasing Police State and Military presence in America. It is a Counterintelligence Program (cointelpro) to call what we are seeing as a conspiracy theory. Whether or not you believe the official story of 911 World Trade Center attacks or not the fact is we are living in a different America. Add to this the huge number of people coming into the country of unknown origin and the ongoing list of events that have prompted heightened police or military presence and you can easily conclude that America is not safer than years past.

Add to this the weather changes and increasing power of the weather patterns due to many possible reasons and there is a much stronger case for preparations for such weather emergencies.  After years in the state of Florida and Texas and experiencing over 10 hurricanes and several tornadoes, we have  had experience with power outages, flood waters, winds over 120 mph and a host of related weather conditions that had us in the position of having to fend for ourselves. Much like Hurricane Katrina, we watched and took notice  when it took a week to get fresh water to the citizens of New Orleans and surrounding areas.

FEMA runs preparedness exercises every two year called NLE exercises. Capstone was the last one in 2014 and another will happen in 2016.  When you think about preparedness you obviously think food and water. Many include guns and ammunition. Funny that the US Government has purchased over two and half billion (yes billion) rounds of ammunition. These purchases have been distributed to  DOE, IRS, the Forestry Service and other governmental organizations for what?  One can speculate without conspiracy and see preparedness as a conclusion. 

Among the things you may important is communications. This could include radio AM, FM and shortwave, communication locally with Walkie Talkie UHF band communications and may include FM transmitting emergency police and FEMA transmissions over the FM band wave.  Many help provide their neighbors with the access to Viper, P25 and other emergency transmissions rebroadcast over simple FM wide band modulation. This allows the unsophisticated radio persons to have access to the information you transmit over a simple battery or windup power transistor radio.

Many very smart and knowing people say we are due for a major financial, weather or assault that could have devastating results on large populations in America. Earthquakes, volcanic and seismic black swans have to be included. Nuclear, war and invasion is not out of the question. Most preppers believe it will be of and by our own government that whatever catastrophic event occurs, they will know and will not be there to provide assistance but instead like Katrina, will look to disarm the citizens as a priority for receiving assistance.   We at Patriotwaves think you need to prepare so you do not need government assistance in order to survive a Jade Helm scenario and that your best and most important preparations will be having the best information. 

These are interesting times we live in and what is just around the corner is anyone's guess but being prepared for the worst is a must at this point.  Finding inexpensive solutions to communications is where we come in. Simple small solar generator. Laptop computer, SDR radio and communication devices is what we do.

Please visit our store and look at the products and remember we buy direct, we test each product before shipment and stand behind the warranty. We are Americans for Americans.